8 Frequently Asked Questions About Cats

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Cats

In this article, we have gathered 8 of the most frequently asked questions about cats and would like to answer them as concretely as possible. Cats are lovely pets, especially if you’re a cat lover. On the other hand, there are numerous persons who don’t like them, in most cases due to a horrible encounter, or the mere fact that they have not been exposed to them from infancy.

Why frequently asked questions about cats?

Such people tend to ask questions about these lovely creatures in order to know more about them. There are also people who already own and love cats but tend to ask questions to get to know more about cats.

1/ Can a cat love a person?

Cats can be cuddly and playful. Above all, however, they are considered independent and self-sufficient, if compared to dogs! A new study shows that cats are much more capable of relationships than previously thought. They bond to their owners in a similar way to how toddlers bond to their parents. This is one of the frequently asked questions about cats.

2/ What do cats do when they like you?

Relaxed cat
Relaxed cat

In answering these frequently asked questions about cats, we can emphatically state that purring is the most visible and popular way for cats to express their joy and love. When cats are calm and enjoying something, they appear to have a particular little motor inside them that starts.

When you’re petting your cat, you’ll frequently hear a rumbling, vibrating sound. Other indicators also include the following:

  • The cat rubs its head against you.
  • The cat licks you off with its tongue.
  • It constantly gurgles.
  • Its tail is always coiled around your leg or twitching at the tip.
  • She shows you her tummy.
  • She sleeps near you.
  • She becomes communicative
  • Your cat loves you so much that he headbutts you.

3/ How big is the cat

House cats are on average about 50 centimeters long (head-torso length) and 4 kilograms in weight, with a wide range of variation from around 2.5 kg to around 8 kg. Males are slightly larger than females. The length of the tail is about 25 to 30 cm.

4/ Does a cat only have one caregiver?

Not at all. To answer these frequently asked questions about cats, I will say it also depends on the number of caregivers in a particular home, and how much they love the cat. In a family of say 3 or 4, where all have a disposition towards the cat, all of them could be caregivers. Researchers at Oregon State University used the so-called Secure Base Test to analyze how important the owner is to his cat.

5/ Can a cat recognize its owner?

Yes of course. In one study it was revealed that house cats have a keen sense of human emotions and even act accordingly, similar to dogs. They are guided by voice, facial expressions, and movement. This in combination with the appearance and the smell and the cat recognizes its favorite people without a doubt.

6/ How do cats show feelings?

Intense stare punctuated by a slow blink: this is how cats show trust and affection. By blinking, they also want to show their owners that they are in a peaceful mood. Blinking back is welcome! You can also show your cat that you love them with other gestures.

7/ Are cats sad when they are alone?

Some cats even suffer when their owner is not at home. If the master or mistress leaves the dog alone, the pet is often unhappy and stressed. The cat may feel lonely and abandoned. Some cats even express their displeasure loudly by meowing, howling, or whimpering.

8/ Are there sents that cats don’t like at all?

To answer these frequently asked questions about cats, some of the scents cats don’t like include:

  • Tea tree oil and menthol: The less attractive odor includes the smell of tea tree oil, menthol, eucalyptus, and the aroma of coffee.
  • Household cleaning detergents and vinegar
  • Onions and Garlic

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