The World’s 7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The World's 7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

There are many different cat breeds found all over the world, but just a few are the most expensive cat breeds in the world. With so many unknown cat varieties, even non-cat owners are curious to learn more about them.

What’s even more astonishing is that several of these cats are among the world’s most costly cats! Read on and see these four-legged beauties featured in no particular order.

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The most expensive cat breeds in the world

1/ Peterbald as expensive cat breed

These kitties have a slim yet muscular physique, with large almond-shaped eyes, a whip-like long tail, and oval-shaped paws with webbed feet, and come in a variety of colors with little or no hair. One of the characteristics that cannot be hidden is their slim yet muscular and large physique.

Peterbald Cat
Peterbald Cat – Country of origin: Russia. The Peterbald was created in St. Petersburg in 1994.

The temperament of a Peterbald: This cat is calm and affectionate. As an expensive cat breed, it gets along well with other pets and children. It is vivacious and enjoys following its owners around to stay close to them.

Their usual body temperature is around 104 – 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit (40-41 degrees Celsius). This higher body temperature is noted to allow for faster and better wound or scratch healing as well as the prevention of infections.

In the summer, it is advisable to keep Peterbald Cats out of direct sunlight as they can quickly burn.

The Peterbald cat was created in St. Petersburg in 1994. The price ranges between $2000 and $3500.

2) British Short Hair as a most expensive cat breed

British short hair cat
British shorthair cat – Country of origin: United Kingdom

Because of its round face and thick fur coat, it resembles a teddy bear. The coat colors of short hairs include blue, black, red, white, golden, silver, fawn, and cinnamon. It might be a pure color or a pattern that is shaded, tabby, color-point, or bi-color.

This cat has a huge head, broad cheekbones, a short snout, and large, round eyes. It has medium-sized ears with a broad bottom and a sharp tip. This kitty appears to be robust and compact, with short legs.

It is one of the most expensive cat breeds with a laid-back personality. The British Short Hair cats are devoted to their masters. They get along with other pets and children that are well-behaved.

They do not, however, enjoy being lifted up, held in laps, or carried around. It is a trainable and intelligent breed.

Its price ranges from $850 to $1,800.

3) Sphynx as an expensive cats breed

AS one of the most expensive cat breeds, the Sphynx has a muscular frame, huge ears and eyes, wedge-shaped head, sharp cheekbones, a round tummy, and a whip-like tail that uniquely characterizes this breed.

Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat (

The temperament of a Sphynx: This cat is intelligent, gregarious, lively, and affectionate to its owners, greeting them at the entrance as if they were dogs, and nice to strangers as well.

Sunburn and skin damage can occur if a Sphynx is exposed to too much sunshine. This breed requires warm clothing throughout the cold months to conserve body heat.

It should be noted that body oils that would ordinarily be absorbed by the cat’s fur tend to accumulate on the cat’s skin. As a result, it is recommended that a Sphynx must bathe at least once a week. The price of a Sphynx ranges between $1000 and $2000.

4) Singapura Cats as an expensive cats breed

Singapura Cats
Singapura Cats

The fur is short and silky in texture. It only comes in one hue, and the pattern is known as ticking tabby. There are portions of dark and light hair strands that alternate.

The round head of this cat rests atop a thick neck. It has almond-shaped eyes. The ears are large and drooping.

The temperament of Singapura Cats is one of friendliness. They get along well with children over the age of six. They have a sense of devotion to their owners.

On top of everything, this breed is energetic, inquisitive, and intelligent.

The price range is $500 to $700 and is one of the world’s smallest cat breeds.

5/ Turkish Angora as a most expensive cats breed

Turkish Angoras Cat
Turkish Angoras Cat – Country of origin is Turkey (Image –

Turkish Angoras are mostly white cats, they do, however, come in a range of colors and patterns. They have curvaceous bodies and have lengthy, plush coats.

Colors for their almond-shaped eyes include blue, green, yellow, and amber. This kitty’s eyes might be heterochromatic, meaning one is blue and the other is amber or green. The ears are pointy and spaced widely.

Temperament: It is a breed that is active, athletic, and intellectual. This cat is recognized for its problem-solving abilities, as well as the ability to open cabinet doors and switch on taps.

This feline frequently selects a favorite member of its human family. It remains close and protective of its preferred human. Turkish angoras get along nicely with cats and youngsters that are well-behaved. They are also kind to visitors.

Adults in the home, on the other hand, must supervise youngsters when they engage with them to ensure that they do not yank the latter’s tail or hair.

It’s a natural breed and is believed to have existed since the 15th century. The price range is between $600 to $ 800 USD.

6/ Siberian Forest Cat as a most expensive cats breed

It has a sturdy build, strong hind legs, and round paws. Its hind legs are slightly longer than its front limbs, resulting in a back arch. This shape allows the breed to be more athletic and agile. It has a huge, fluffy tail. The face has round and huge eyes, which add to its charm aspect.

Siberian Forest cat
Siberian Forest cat – (Image:

Although one of the most expensive cat breeds, Siberian cats have a peaceful, carefree, and fearless demeanor.

They get along nicely with dogs, other pets, and children. They appreciate being in close proximity to their owners.

They also seem to be able to detect when their human requires moral and emotional support, and they provide it on occasion. It is a playful cat who excels in acrobatic actions such as somersaults.

Many breeders and Siberian cat owners agree that this cat is beneficial to allergy sufferers. This claim, however, has to be properly supported by scientific evidence.

Some people are allergic to the protein FelD1, and it is thought that this breed generates less of it and has very little of it in its saliva. The country of origin is Russia.

It has been present here for centuries. Price Range is between $1,300 to $1,600.

7/ Scottish Fold as a most expensive cats breed

Scottish Fold Cat
Scottish Fold Cat – (Image:

As one of the most expensive cats breeds, the Scottish Fold comes in a variety of colors and markings, with long or short fur.

They have a round face with circular eyes, a small nose, short to medium legs, and folded flat ears that face downward towards the face, giving them an owl-like appearance. This fold in the ear cartilage is the product of a natural dominant gene mutation.

Temperament: This breed is playful, wants to be noticed, is particularly loyal to one or more persons in the house, enjoys following its human parent, and is adaptable to new conditions.

This feline gets along well with children but dislikes roughhousing. It also gets along well with other pets and is unafraid of new people or guests.

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